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Common Questions & Concerns - Window Replacement

Have a question about windows? There is a good chance you can find the answer here, if not give us a call.

How do I know if I need new windows?

If your house seems rather drafty check near the windows to see if you notice a small draft, hot or cold. Holding a candle near the window is a great way to test this; if the candle flickers you are getting a draft. Condensation or fogging between the glass can also be an indication of window replacement. Condensation and fogging indicates bad seals that will mean yet more drafts into the home. Drafty windows can cause high heat bills that will cost more in the long run than the replacement that is needed. Old single pane glass is especially often need of replacement; today's windows are double pane glass and will give your home protection against the drafts that you are probably experiencing with older windows.

Windows that are hard to open or close are a clear sign of replacement, faulty windows could mean the safety of your family in the event of a fire. Windows should be easy to operate and should not allow outside air into your home, that is their sole purpose. When you notice any of these warning signs it is time to call us out to your home to examine the matter to protect your wallet from high energy bills and your family from a possibly dangerous situation.