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Tired of cleaning your gutters?

Gutters can quickly fill up with debris, especially in the fall and cleaning them can be a pain. With Shur Flo gutter guards you can be sure that you will no longer have the hassle of cleaning your gutters. 

Many people think it seems too good to be true, but in fact you will be amazed with the results. There are many products out there that say they keep your gutters clean, here at RSG Roofing we only offer the best and that is why we strictly sell Shur Flo. Time and time again we have installed Shur Flo's heavy duty aluminum guards and seen nothing but success, other products just fail to meet the same standards. This product has stepped up in quality as well as installation. Where most guards just sit in the gutters these guards are screwed down assuring they will not simply fall from place.

We frequently partner with schools and local charities, providing discounted prices on our gutter guards to support their cause. Be sure to check out our Specials page where we post all current promotions.

Gutter Guards: Shur Flo

Solid heavy gauge 5" and 6" aluminum gutter guards with a perforated edge this is screwed into your gutters. With a sleek look that you can't see from the ground, your home can maintain it's great appearance and still keep the gutters clean. This product comes with a 20 year manufacturers warranty.

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For more information about our workmanship warranty or financing options see our Services page.

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